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June 17-21, 2020


Enjoy these very unique shows with friend and family digitally by your side. The biggest artists, from Het Scheepvaartmuseum, bringing the experience straight to your living room. Enjoy the highest quality experience without having to go out the door. The shows are timed so they coincide with the sunset, taking full advantage of the gorgeous effigy this creates with the museums glass roof. Don’t let the chance to get closer than ever to your favorite artists during these one time only livestreams. Tickets available now!


How does it work?

Streams Live

Gather your friends and make sure to keep your evening free, 'cause you don't want to miss this! Enjoy the best concerts online, live from The Scheepvaartmuseum. Humberto Tan will present this evening, including a Q&A with your favourite artists, with questions provided by you. Maybe your input will make it to the Q&A!


Which artists will perform?

Choose here the show you would like to see online together with your friends!

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Frequently asked questions

Streams Live

Which artists will perform?

Here you will find the artists that will perform online.

Where can I buy my tickets?

Here you can buy your tickets for the shows. The ticketprice is €12,99 (incl. service fee, excl. transaction costs).

I bought my tickets, what is the next step?

As soon as you have bought your tickets through Festicket, you will receive a conformationemail including more information about the livestream. It might take a while before you receive this email, so be patient. Don't forget to check your spam-box.

Where can I submit my questions?

Ask Kensington your questions here.
Ask Duncan Laurence your questions here.
Ask Danny Vera your questions here.
Ask Krezip your questions here.
Ask Ilse DeLange your questions here.

Will my question be answered during the Q&A?

We can not guarantee your question will be discussed, but we will do our ultimate best to answer as much questions as possible. You could increase your chances by submitting your most creative question.

Can I physically attend the concert?

The concerts can only be seen online.

Are the livestreams available in every country?

The livestreams are available in all countries, except for China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Indonesia, Sudan & Syria.

I did not receive a conformation email, what to do?

For more information, click here in case you did not receive a conformation email.

How do I use my Chromecast?

For more information on how to use your Chromecast, click here.